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HWH Hydraulic Hose Identification and Sizing

HWH Hydraulic Hose Identification and Sizing

How to determine Hydraulic hose sizesHWH Hyudraulics First, identify hose diameter. Use the print on the hose cover. The following are the designations for different hose diameters: 02 = 1/8" hose 03 = 3/16" 04 = 1/4" 05  = 5/16" Note: Hose designations are for the...

How to store your RV for the winter

Putting your RV away for the winter should no be taken too lightly. Take your time and prepare your baby for the winter and you will be a happy camper when spring roles around. Your RV is a long term investment, protect that investment. Here are some tips and products...

Trailer Inspection Requirements for Pennsylvania

Basic Trailer Inspection Guidelines for Pa   08   MARCH, 2017 Inspections RV Pennsylvania Trailers over 3,000 pounds registered gross weight This list is nothing more than a simple general guideline for what to expect from a trailer inspection in Pa.  ...

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