How to determine Hydraulic hose sizes

HWH Hyudraulics

Identifying and measuring hydraulic hoses

First, identify hose diameter. Use the print on the hose cover. The following are the designations for different hose diameters:

  • 02 = 1/8″ hose
  • 03 = 3/16″
  • 04 = 1/4″
  • 05  = 5/16″

Note: Hose designations are for the inside diameter of the hose. Print on some hose will indicate the fractional inside diameter of the hose such as 1/8 or 3/16.

Next, determine the assembly length needed by measuring end of fitting to end of fitting of the existing hose assembly. Replacement assemblies are available in 6 inch increments up to 15 feet and 1 foot increments up to 40 feet. A few longer assemblies are available in 04 and 05 hose. If the existing assembly is in between available lengths, choose the next longest assembly available.

Hose assemblies presently produced by HWH Corporation, will have a part tag at both ends of the hose assembly next to the hose end. The tag will have an AP part number, the length and diameter of the assembly. Older hose assemblies or hoses that have been repaired may not have a part tag. Although the tag information can be used to determine the replacement hose needed, it is the customer’s responsibility to determine the proper size and length of hose assembly needed for repair.

In the chart below, the replacement part number for hose assemblies are listed by
length under each hose diameter.
~ For 1/4 inch hoses with 5/16 inch hose ends, use a 5/16 inch replacement hose.
~ For hoses with a male hose end, use a standard replacement hose and order a RF2539 union for 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 inch hoses.
~ For 5/16 inch hoses, order a RF90133 union.

To Order Hoses

Get the RAP # from the chart below and click this order button and complete the Order Form.

Length 1/8″ 3/16″ 1/4″ 5/16″
02 Hose 03 Hose 04 Hose 05 Hose
12″ RAP24626 RAP48865 RAP4158 RAP54006
18″ RAP24627 RAP52043 RAP2446 RAP18664
24″ RAP53984 RAP16434 RAP4060 RAP42023
30″ RAP24629 RAP51975 RAP4217 RAP42022
36″ RAP24630 RAP48866 RAP4059 RAP42021
42″ RAP24631 RAP52163 RAP4075 RAP42020
48″ RAP24632 RAP50907 RAP3314 RAP17475
54″ RAP24633 RAP50908 RAP4728 RAP42018
60″ RAP24634 RAP49243 RAP4073 RAP8385
66″ RAP24637 RAP51480 RAP5351 RAP42019
72″ RAP24635 RAP50909 RAP4159 RAP42057
78″ RAP25086 RAP13844 RAP5215 RAP42050
84″ RAP24636 RAP50671 RAP1412 RAP42051
90″ RAP24638 RAP50910 RAP2445 RAP42052
96″ RAP24639 RAP50766 RAP5352 RAP8383
102″ RAP23738 RAP50861 RAP10566 RAP42053
108″ RAP24640 RAP49244 RAP4074 RAP42054
114″ RAP24641 RAP50556 RAP53964 RAP42055
120″ RAP24642 RAP49245 RAP4161 RAP7818
126″ RAP24643 RAP53975 RAP4906 RAP54007
132″ RAP24644 RAP49439 RAP4062 RAP54008
138″ RAP25348 RAP53976 RAP53965 RAP15832
144″ RAP24645 RAP50779 RAP4827 RAP8382
150″ RAP23739 RAP51404 RAP16172 RAP54009
156″ RAP24646 RAP49246 RAP4065 RAP22077
162″ RAP24647 RAP14073 RAP10913 RAP54010
168″ RAP24648 RAP50261 RAP6115 RAP23233
174″ RAP24650 RAP14173 RAP53966 RAP15833
180″ RAP24651 RAP49517 RAP5965 RAP19013
192″ RAP24652 RAP49438 RAP4162 RAP22313
204″ RAP24653 RAP50847 RAP4310 RAP22078
216″ RAP24655 RAP51635 RAP4061 RAP54011
228″ RAP24656 RAP51589 RAP5924 RAP31034
240″ RAP24658 RAP49247 RAP6116 RAP42092
252″ RAP53985 RAP53977 RAP7385 RAP54012
264″ RAP24660 RAP53978 RAP6216 RAP24985
276″ RAP24662 RAP53067 RAP5562 RAP42093
288″ RAP24664 RAP49248 RAP4063 RAP54013
300″ RAP24666 RAP51638 RAP4064 RAP6638
312″ RAP24667 RAP53439 RAP5216 RAP54014
324″ RAP24668 RAP23417 RAP2464 RAP17476
336″ RAP23742 RAP51407 RAP5561 RAP54015
348″ RAP24669 RAP53164 RAP2465 RAP17477
360″ RAP24671 RAP16066 RAP4163 RAP8381
372″ RAP24672 RAP50598 RAP4391 RAP54016
384″ RAP24673 RAP13850 RAP4164 RAP42174
396″ RAP53986 RAP53979 RAP4313 RAP32797
408″ RAP24675 RAP13845 RAP4669 RAP15835
420″ RAP53987 RAP53980 RAP53032 RAP54017
432″ RAP24677 RAP14761 RAP6117 RAP7315
444″ RAP53988 RAP53981 RAP5925 RAP54018
456″ RAP36535 RAP53982 RAP6217 RAP25653
468″ RAP53989 RAP53983 RAP6388 RAP54019
480″ RAP36651 RAP52740 RAP6218 RAP7816
504″ RAP7178 RAP25654
540″ RAP7175 RAP7817
600″ RAP29767 RAP54020
660″ RAP29790 RAP54021
720″ RAP11972 RAP54022

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