Roofing Damage & Repair Case-Study

Typical RV roof leak, the damage it causes and the repair process.
Camper Roofing Repair

Bad Roof Submaterial

Sub material disintegrating.

RV Bath Leak

Leak Damage in Bath

The back corner of the bath wall was in pretty bad shape due to leaking skylight. Cracked seals due to soft roofing material led to damage.

Fixing Extensive Camper Repair

When its extensive

By the time the damage can be seen inside or on walls or ceilings. Your leak has already caused extensive damage.

RV Roof Leak

Roof damage

After removing the membrane, more damage is exposed. The rubber was literally holding the roof together in some spots.

RV Water Damage

Sign of Water Damage

Some typical signs of water damage in RV’s.

RV Hidden Water Damage

Hidden Damage

Here we see the extent of damage caused by what may seem like a small leak.

RV Roofing Water Leak

Disintegrating Wood

This section of roof was not close to the leak but water can “wick” out and cause more damage than you might think.

The Repair

The repair process is extensive due to the damage water can do when left unattended.
RV Roof Repair

Internal Studs, Rafters and Installation

Rafters, wall studs and installation replaced.

RV Roof Deck Replacement

Decking Replacement

Here some of the decking is already down and we were in the process of replacing rafters, wall studs and roof decking.

RV Rubber Roof Repair

New Rubber Roofing

Allowing the glue to dry before re-installing the exterior components.

RV Roof Repair

The Finished Product

The glue is dry and the components installed. Ready for delivery!

RV Service and Repair

Another Happy Camper!

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