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Winnebago to HWH Crossover Table (300+ Items)

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HWH Part #DescriptionWinnebago Part #Price
AP36504Hardware/Clamp Kit190717-01-702
R1171Spring Kit 057 1.68 X 12.00100532-01-705$27.72
R1280PVT BOLT KIT 5/8 BHEAD100532-01-714$9.79
R2365Spring Kit 036 2.75 X 13.50100532-19-703$60.06
R2527ROLLER KIT 1.125 OD100532-01-707$12.28
R3847Spring Kit 063 1.68 X 14.00100532-12-707$31.18
R3848Spring Kit 086 1.68 X 18.00100532-19-705$38.11
R6824Spring Kit 050 1.50 X 10.00100532-02-701$20.79
R7430O-RING KIT100532-03-722$18.71
R34692SPRING KT 055 2.00 X 14.50100532-25-706$39.27
R37135Spring Kit - 4k190717-01-700$24.25
R90331HOSE END 1/8 HP113768-45-000$56.59
R91642Obsolete SPRING USE R34692100532-25-705
R91916Obsolete SPRING USE R37135157770-01-702
RAP0002Pump-Motor-Tank BMS/012V/.75G/3M100532-03-705
RAP0027Panel OP TP C/H/A/D100532-03-712$206.74
RAP0032Power UNIT 11 R 2 PT100532-06-700
RAP0033MANIF 600/2LV/STR/NPS100532-03-708
RAP0040CYL J 2.375X13 0040100532-16-703$540.10
RAP0195Power Unit BMS/1.5100532-03-706
RAP0367Joystick Valve 2XX Bi-Axle100532-47-701$450.45
RAP0448ACTUATOR KD/06K100532-09-709$214.83
RAP0468JACK 06KX13 F/A 1.625100532-16-700
RAP0498CYL J 1.625X13 00498 S100532-16-704$376.53
RAP0533Obsolete Relay 12V/ID/4P Use RAP35723100532-09-710
RAP0547ACTUATOR KD/09K100532-09-707$220.60
RAP0588Power Unit BMS/1.7100532-12-701
RAP0640Obsolete MOTOR 3.0/#V/FS 800W115767-01-700
RAP0642VLV SOL 12V/LG/2W/NUT D100532-09-704$256.41
RAP0959MANIF 610/4LV/STR100532-09-703
RAP0978PWR UNIT/VLV 11 RST100532-09-711
RAP0980JACK 09KX09 KD AU/STD2.0100532-09-706
RAP0984BOX CTRL 610 CH/K100532-09-701No longer available from hwh
RAP0992JACK 06KX08 KD TALL PSW100532-09-708
RAP0993Pressure Switch 3000 PSI100532-09-705$77.00
RAP0995Obsolete Warning Switch Use RAP1010100532-03-725
RAP1002PNL OP TP C/H/CBLASY107889-02-700$206.74
RAP1008Obsolete SW WRN SEE RAP90968100532-12-706
RAP1010SW WRN CU TILT 2W KD100532-01-704$35.35
RAP1020Cable Assembly 5' for 610 Series100532-09-702$54.34
RAP1079BOX CTRL 610 CH/D/S100532-12-702No longer available from hwh
RAP1088PNL OP TP C/H/D107889-03-700$206.74
RAP1111BOX CTRL 610 CH-S100532-26-700No longer available from hwh
RAP1124Obsolete POWER UNIT/VALVE 18100532-12-700
RAP1287PWR UNIT/VLV 18SQ ST100532-12-701
RAP1363BOX CTRL 610 CH/K100532-03-728
RAP1379KNOB BLACK100532-08-705$10.64
RAP1412Hose 1/4" X 84"100536-10-700$33.15
RAP1497JACK 12KX13 F&AG 2.375100532-12-708
RAP1653Electric Solenoid Valve 12V/NC/AD/CD100532-12-709$137.44
RAP1716Hydraulic Manifold 1FC/STR/ELB ASSY100532-16-701$471.90
RAP1901Obsolete JACK 09KX13S 10D FAP100532-13-700
RAP1927CYL J 2.000X13 01927 S100532-32-702$473.55
RAP2004FOOT WMT 6S NARROW131306-02-700$56.10
RAP2082SW PRES H 0050 PSI131306-11-704$93.55
RAP4061Hose 1/4" X 216"100536-36-702$49.38
RAP4062Hose 1/4" x 132"311878-01-703$38.82
RAP4063Hose 1/4" X 288"100536-14-700$58.96
RAP4064Hose 1/4" x 300"131644-01-704$60.45
RAP4065Hose 1/4" x 156"311878-01-700$42.19
RAP4073Hose 1/4" X 060"115767-01-705$30.11
RAP4074Hose 1/4" X 108"100536-14-701$36.16
RAP4159Hose 1/4" X 72"100536-30-700$31.05
RAP4161Hose 1/4" X 120"131644-01-704$37.66
RAP4161Hose 1/4" x 120"311878-01-701$37.66
RAP4163Hose 1/4" X 360"100536-31-700$67.65
RAP4164Hose 1/4" X 384"100536-39-700$70.79
RAP4313Hose 1/4" x 390"190266-01-702$72.16
RAP4391Hose 1/4" x 102"190266-01-700$35.98
RAP4391Hose 1/4" x 372"190266-01-700$69.24
RAP4669Hose 1/4" X 408"100536-46-700$73.67
RAP4827Hose 1/4" X 144"100536-36-700$40.32
RAP4931Power Unit BMM/1.2100532-01-709
RAP4973VLV ASSY W/BOX STR FIT100532-01-700$706.86
RAP4974Switch W/MTA PLUG100532-01-711$15.53
RAP5147Obsolete RLYKT 12V/ID/4P (1)100532-01-710
RAP5216Hose 1/4" X 312"100536-25-701$61.62
RAP5352Hose 1/4" X 96"100536-31-701$34.67
RAP5352Hose 1/4" x 96"
RAP5561Hose 1/4" X 336"100536-37-701$64.98
RAP6115Hose 1/4" x 168"303091-01-700$43.68
RAP6116Hose 1/4" X 240"100536-33-700$53.13
RAP6117Hose 1/4" X 432"100536-46-701$76.68
RAP6162Hose 1/4" x 192"311878-01-702$46.66
RAP6216Hose 1/4" X 264"100536-14-702$55.93
RAP6901Hydraulic Leveling Control Panel 110 W/BRD W/0A100532-01-702$145.53
RAP7001JACK 9K X 08.5 KD STD SH100532-47-700$727.00
RAP7002JACK 9K X 09 KD STD100532-08-704
RAP7164JACK 6K X 08 KD TALL100532-02-700$466.40
RAP7194ACTUATOR CABLE KIT100532-02-704$36.72
RAP7505Obsolete Relay 12V/CD/4P - See RAP38933100532-03-716
RAP7868Control Panel OP TP C/H/MOD100532-03-711$206.74
RAP7876Breather Cap W/Dipstick100532-03-715$27.50
RAP7944Check Valve Cartridge (1)100532-03-721$15.26
RAP7964Shuttle Valve100532-03-717$80.85
RAP8002Modular Cabel Assembly - 7'100532-03-713$23.21
RAP8003Pressure Switch - 220 PSI100532-03-726$99.33
RAP8088TUBE ASSY SHORT100532-03-719$13.88
RAP8130JACK 6K X 08 KD TALL SH100532-03-703$678
RAP8251JACK 9K X 09 KD CH TL SH100532-03-704
RAP8464FOOT WMT 9S 2.000 BALL131306-02-701$91.30
RAP9171O-RING KIT100532-03-723$11.98
RAP9226Modular Cable Assembly - 5'100532-03-714$17.84
RAP9517CYL J 2.375X13 09517100532-25-702$531.30
RAP9551Obsolete JACK 09KX13 F&A100532-39-700
RAP9567CYL J 2.000X13 09567 L100532-39-702$473.55
RAP9589Manual Control Valve100532-08-702$638.71
RAP9592BEZEL PLATE 200100532-08-707$29.04
RAP9734KNOB BLACK 1-3/16100532-08-706$9.24
RAP9755LIGHT PNL ASSY W/O AIR100532-08-703$115.50
RAP9756PCB ASSY W/O AIR100532-08-708$83.16
RAP9800BOX CTRL 610 CHA-K JA100532-03-701
RAP10021Check Valve Kit for Rooms (set of 4)100532-31-701$20.00
RAP10566Hose 1/4" x 102"190266-01-701$69.24
RAP38933Relay 12V/CD/4p - Continuous Duty190255-01-701$44.00
RAP55238Panel OP TP 700/CHA$196.90
RAP90001W/O HOSE 04X90 RAP2445115767-01-703
RAP90003W/O HOSE 04X18 RAP2446115767-01-702
RAP90004W/O HOSE 04X146 >RAP4827115767-01-704
RAP90007Cylinder Assembly 1.25 X 39115767-01-701$358.05
RAP90008HOSE GUIDE OUTER115767-01-707$32.49
RAP90009HOSE GUIDE INNER115767-01-708$44.13
RAP90012VLV RACK SNSG115767-01-706$192.88
RAP90014Obsolete P-M-T BMM 13100532-01-713
RAP90019BOX CTRL 310 THD131306-11-701$355.74
RAP90035Obsolete MANF ASSY 2 ROOM100532-48-701
RAP90043Obsolete JACK 09KX16 7D FAPS100532-19-704
RAP90045Obsolete JACK 16KX16100532-19-702
RAP90047Cable Assembly 12' 310 MH131306-11-702$83.16
RAP90048Cable Assembly 5' 310 MH131306-22-700$52.59
RAP90050Cable Assembly 3' 310 MH131306-21-700$43.83
RAP90056Control Panel OP TP 310/H131306-12-700$133.98
RAP90077W/O HOSE 1/4" X 100" RAP5352100536-26-700
RAP90078W/O HOSE 1/4" X 156"100536-36-701
RAP90094BOX CTRL 610 CH-SRE100532-20-700No longer available from hwh
RAP90095BOX CTRL 610 CH-SRE100532-31-700No longer available from hwh
RAP90110Hose 1/4" X 32"130606-02-704
RAP90119Hose 1/4" X 207"100536-52-700
RAP90120W/O HOSE 04X180 RAP5965100536-42-700
RAP90121W/O HOSE 04X252 RAP7385100536-35-701
RAP90126W/O HOSE 04X162 RAP10913115767-03-701
RAP90127O-RING KIT100532-31-702$9.24
RAP90174Obsolete JACK 12KX13 8D FA PS100532-25-701
RAP90176Obsolete JACK 06KX13 6S FAPS100532-23-700
RAP90177Obsolete JACK 09KX13 7D PVBO100532-18-700
RAP90215Hose 1/4" X 105"115767-03-700
RAP90218JACK 12KX13 7D S/S 2.375100532-37-700
RAP90223JACK 09KX13 F/A100532-27-700
RAP90224Obsolete JACK 09KX13 9D PV PS100532-20-703
RAP90235JACK 09KX13 F/A100532-25-700
RAP90238JACK 06KX13 F/A100532-13-701
RAP90241Obsolete JACK 06KX13 P-30 LF100532-20-701
RAP90242Obsolete JACK 06KX13 P-30 RF100532-20-702
RAP90245Obsolete JACK 06KX13 CHEV LF100532-42-700
RAP90246Obsolete JACK 06KX13 CHEV RF100532-18-702
RAP90252Cylinder Assembly 1.625 X 13 11147100532-42-702$376.53
RAP90279Velocity Valve (1)131306-09-701$35.06
RAP90280Velocity Valve Kit (set of 4)131306-09-700$160.60
RAP90304BOX CTRL 610 CH/D/S100532-34-700No longer available from hwh
RAP90305BOX CTRL 610 CHD-SRE100532-38-700No longer available from hwh
RAP90311MOTOR 3.0/012V/M 13824100532-01-717$245.00
RAP90320W/O HOSE 02X060 RAP24634122359-01-703
RAP90321W/O HOSE 02X204 RAP24653122359-01-702
RAP90322W/O HOSE 02X180 RAP24651122359-01-701
RAP90323CLEVIS PIN KIT VF RE122359-01-705
RAP90324Cylinder Assembly for Vertical Room Ext 1.25 X 7.950122359-01-700$358.05
RAP90326CYL SYN 1.5 X 3.165122359-01-704
RAP90347Hose 1/4" X 11"135250-01-700
RAP90348Hose 1/4" X 110"100536-37-702
RAP90349Hose 1/4" X 116"100536-10-701
RAP90350Hose 1/4" X 175"100536-42-701
RAP90359LIGHT KIT JK DWN100532-14-700$11.51
RAP90364Power Unit /BMO/0LV1FC/REV122359-04-701$1,009.47
RAP90376Back Pressure Valve122359-04-700$132.82
RAP90403BUZZER ASSY 12V100532-32-703$30.97
RAP90412Pump Motor Tank BMM 12V/3.5G100532-19-706$853.60
RAP90428W/O HOSE 02X120 RAP24642137196-01-700
RAP90471CYL SYN 1.5 X 8.035125687-01-702$552.20
RAP90490Cylinder Assembly J 1.625X13 16100 S100532-45-700$384.61
RAP90491Jack Cylinder Assembly J 2.000X13 15900 S100532-53-700$473.55
RAP90492JACK 06KX13 P12F 19.5100532-48-700
RAP90502Obsolete JACK 06KX13 99F53100532-51-700
RAP90508Obsolete JACK 09KX13 P12F P5D100532-49-700
RAP90512Single Cylinder Assembly 1.25 X 21125687-01-700$364.98
RAP90524CYL SYN 1.5 X 2.385145736-02-700
RAP90526TUBE ASSY HYD125687-01-703$29.66
RAP90527Cable Assembly 7' 610 Series131306-27-701$61.21
RAP90528Cable Assembly 10' 610 Series100532-49-702$93.55
RAP90529BOX CTRL 610 CH/D/S100532-49-701
RAP90530COMPRTMNT MTG BOLT KIT122359-01-707$38.76
RAP90536Control Box for 310 Series131306-14-700$386.92
RAP90540COMPARTMENT MTG BLT KIT122359-01-706$24.57
RAP90549Panel Assembly 200 Series W/TRAVEL100532-39-701$143.22
RAP90647Cylinder Assembly 0.750 X 20.5130606-01-702$192.88
RAP90648Cylinder Assembly 0.750 X 20.5130606-01-703$192.88
RAP90649CYL SYN/4BSP 1.50X2.78130606-01-704$1,808.73
RAP90650Cylinder Assembly 0.750 X 20.5130606-01-700$192.88
RAP90651Power Unit REV/BOM/.5130606-01-705$1,090.32
RAP90652Pressure Reducing Valve138992-01-701$84.31
RAP90653PGTL INT/4 CYL/SYNC 210130606-01-701$56.22
RAP90654SW PRES 4000 PSI ASSY130606-01-706
RAP90658TUBE ASSY HYD161743-02-700$29.66
RAP90679Cable Assembly 7' 310 PD131306-13-701$64.68
RAP90680Control Panel for 310 Series131306-13-700$133.98
RAP90681CHIME ASSY 12V100532-32-704$45.03
RAP90682Obsolete 26-OCT-00131306-13-704
RAP90683Obsolete JACK 09KX13 9DF AL45131306-13-703
RAP90685Cylinder Assembly 0.750 X 20.5131644-01-700$192.88
RAP90688CYL ASSY 1.25 X 27.0 LK128599-05-700$482.90
RAP90689CYL ASSY 1.25 X 32132540-01-700$358.05
RAP90690CYL SYN 1.5 X 11.780132540-01-701$614.90
RAP90696CYL ASSY W/LOCK131360-01-700$407.71
RAP90698STOP PL/BEARING PAD KIT128599-06-703$66.90
RAP90729Hydraulic Solenoid Valve (electric) 12V/1.50/QR131306-12-702$210.21
RAP90747Obsolete JACK 09KX13 FA 5D131306-19-700
RAP90780JACK 12KX13131306-27-702
RAP90783Synchronizing Cylinder/4BPS 1.5X2.780135250-01-709$1,808.73
RAP90784Cylinder Assembly 0.750 X 20.5135250-01-707$240.90
RAP90785Cylinder Assembly 0.750 X 20.5135250-01-708$240.90
RAP90787SW PRES 5000 PSI131644-01-701$99.30
RAP90788QC COUPLER 3050-2 FM135250-01-710
RAP90789QC NIPPLE 3010-2135250-01-711$28.07
RAP90790HOSE ASSY 3/16" X 240" HP135250-01-702
RAP90791W/O HOSE 04X132 RAP4062135250-01-703
RAP90792HOSE ASSY 3/16" X 180" HP135250-01-701
RAP90798HOSE ASSY 3/16" X 211" HP130606-02-702
RAP90806W/O HOSE 04X300 RAP4064135250-02-700
RAP90807HOSE ASSY 3/16" X 125" HP131644-01-702
RAP90808HOSE ASSY 3/16" X 175" HP131644-01-703
RAP90809Hose 1/4" X 292"131644-01-705
RAP90811COMPRT MNT MTG 30" KIT132540-01-703$45.98
RAP90819Needle Valve Assembly139507-01-704$73.92
RAP90821W/O HOSE 02X192 RAP24652143071-01-700
RAP90851Obsolete JACK 09KX13 FA 5D131306-29-700
RAP90852Obsolete JACK 09KX13 FA WHF5D131306-29-701
RAP90864ADJ STUD KIT 3"100532-01-719$17.30
RAP90865ADJ STUD KIT 5"100532-01-718$19.40
RAP90869MANIF 1FC/STR ASSY131306-19-701
RAP90870Obsolete MANIF ASSY131306-26-700
RAP90875Cylinder Assembly/4BPS 1.5X2.780138992-01-700$1,808.73
RAP90876Cylinder Assembly 1.25X30.125 LK137390-01-700$424.60
RAP90877Cylinder Assembly 0.750 X 24.0139507-01-703$192.88
RAP90878Cylinder Assembly 0.750 X 20.5139507-01-702$302.61
RAP90879CYL SYN 1.5 X 2.780139507-01-700$532.40
RAP90889Obsolete WINCH SEE RAP90511115767-02-800
RAP90896JACK 09KX13 F53 TAG100532-17-700
RAP90897W/O HOSE 04X372 RAP4391100536-28-700
RAP90916Pump Motor Tank - BMM 12V 1.50G 4.5M144226-08-703$750.20
RAP90938PNL OP TP 305/325/H/PD144226-08-700$213.67
RAP90947CYL NUT KIT137390-01-701$48.50
RAP90968Warning Switch Magnetic144226-01-700$49.67
RAP91006CYL SYN 1.5 X 2.97143071-01-701$547.47
RAP91007CYL ASSY 1.25 X 8.10143071-01-705$407.71
RAP91027CATCH KIT LEVEL FLOOR145494-02-711$82.40
RAP91028Plastic Slide Kit for Spacemaker System145494-02-709$76.83
RAP91031Sensing Unit (replaces ap30618)192265-01-000$313.00
RAP91032Sensing Unit190729-01-000$313
RAP91032SNSR LE ESU-P 9"131306-22-702$313.00
RAP91172Programmable Sensing Unit144226-08-702$313.05
RAP91184CYL J 1.625X15 31606144226-29-700$429.00
RAP91186Control Panel TP 2K/625 Series/D107889-06-700$284.90
RAP91229TUBE ASSY HYD 16.100143071-01-707$20.27
RAP91240W/O HOSE 02X084 RAP24636128599-06-701
RAP91243Obsolete PMT BMP/12V2.0G3.0M144226-26-700
RAP91244MOTOR 3.0/012V/P 51641144226-26-702$270.00
RAP91258Control Panel TP 325 Series/H/D107889-09-700$262.90
RAP91259Control Panel TP 325 Series/H144226-20-700$282.70
RAP91260Control Box for 625 Series 2R/S/G153452-01-700$913.60
RAP91261Control Box for 325 Series 2R/S/G144226-08-701$830.44
RAP91262Control Box for 325 Series 2R/G144226-25-700$830.44
RAP91263Control Box for 325 Series 4R/S/G144226-26-701$830.44
RAP91267Control Box for 625 Series 4RE/D/G144226-42-700$958.65
RAP91269Control Box for 325 Series 4RE/PD/G144226-03-701$830.44
RAP91281Obsolete P-M-T BMM012V1.5G3.7153452-18-704
RAP91341STUD MTG KIT 3/8"131360-01-711$77.38
RAP91351CYL ASSY 1.25 X 6.775154706-01-700$407.71
RAP91357Manual Retract Screw Kit145494-02-705$75.07
RAP91358Manual Retract Screw Kit145494-02-710$66.90
RAP91371CYL ASSY 1.25 X 30.0145494-02-704$407.71
RAP91415W/O HOSE 04X228 RAP5924100536-52-701
RAP91433W/O HOSE 02X102 RAP23738139507-01-701
RAP91467Hose 1/4" X 74"100536-58-701
RAP91470Hose 1/4" X 86"100536-58-700
RAP91527Hose 1/4" X 196"143071-01-702
RAP91600FLOOR SUPPORT KIT143625-01-702$82.05
RAP91641STUD MTG KIT 1/2"151323-01-700$105.10
RAP91643MAN RETRACT 20" STROKE147649-01-700$64.55
RAP91644W/O ROLLER CHAIN REPAIR143071-01-708
RAP91661CYL J 1.625X15 34490153452-18-700$425.70
RAP91755CYL ASSY 1.25 X 30.125152553-01-700$358.05
RAP91762Control Box for 625 Series 1T/S/G157770-01-704$821.20
RAP91763Control Box for 625 Series 1T/2R/S/G153452-18-703$913.60
RAP91765Control Box for 625 Series 1T/4R/S/G153452-19-700$958.65
RAP91766Control Box for 625 Series 1T/4R/A/G153452-23-700$958.65
RAP91855CYL J 1.375/1.75X1336084157770-01-700$388.00
RAP91856CYL J 1.625X13 36185157770-01-701$323.00
RAP91862Control Panel for 625 Series 2K/REMOTE SW107889-12-700$363.00
RAP91864Control Panel for 625S Series/H/RSWW_TR157770-01-703$363.00
RAP92048FOOT WMT 4K/6K JACK157770-02-700$49.66
RAP92281Foot - 12lbs Jack - 10" Round173563-11-707$91.24
RAP92298Rail Kit 29" LOW145494-02-712$508.20
RAP92632Jack Foot - 2.75 x 11.5" Diameter190254-02-700$164.00
RAP92726CYL J 1.625X13 46761173563-23-702$359.20
RAP92729CYL J 2.000X13 45656173563-12-700$458.53
RAP92732Cylinder Without Foot - 12,000 lbs173563-11-701$513.97
RAP92751Control Module (725)173563-11-700$548.62
RAP92764Control Panel for 725 Systems190730-01-000$231
RAP93768Ball/Stud 1.625 SR FT190717-01-701$11.55
RF90151T Branch Fitting190722-01-700$10.37
RM9567CYL J 2.000X13 STR REMAN100532-39-703$331.48
RP3515O-RING FOR PUMP TANK100532-12-711$17.70
RP3521TANK 1.50G/16.00LX5.5 RD100532-12-710$118.96
RP5008O-RING FOR PUMP TANK100532-01-716$16.06
RP91596ROLLER KIT 4 X/L/U143071-01-706$30.68
RAP35723Relay 12V/ID/4P190255-01-700$37.78
FOR 725S Series-replaces AP46382
RAP92735Jack Cylinder173563-11-703$575

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