Spring-Retract Jacks, Jack Spring Removal and Replacement

HWH Leveling Systems

WARNING:Use caution when removing or replacing springs under tension. Pinching or sever injury can occur if spring tension is released unexpectedly or spring is not properly hooked to the spring mounting tabs/brackets.

Spring Removal

For spring removal and replacement we recommend the use of wood shims. A 1¼” x 7” shim that can be purchased at any home improvement store works well. Other types of shims are available but the wood works best.

Extend the jack until the spring coils are separated. Kick-Down jacks need to be extended some after swinging to the vertical position. Insert shims between as many coils as possible. Add shims to both sides of the spring to keep the spring straight.

Put the system in the STORE mode (Paddle Switch/Touch Panel Controlled Systems) or manually open the solenoid valve, move the jack control lever (For Lever Operated Manual Systems) to the retract position. Use a small jack or bar to force the cylinder back up until the springs are loose and can be removed. Kick-Down jacks will have to be forced up to the horizontal position then tied up in place.

Note: Older computer-controlled systems with hex shaped solenoid valves will not have a manual valve release. The system will have a drain valve located near the manifold to relieve pressure on the jacks. Make sure to drain the oil into a pan and check fluid level when the repair is complete.

If the existing springs are to be reused, leave the shims between the coils so the spring can be re-installed.

Shimming a Spring/Coil

Spring Installation.

If installing new springs, bend the new springs back and forth to break the paint loose so the coils will separate easier. Place the hook of the spring in a vise to hold the spring if necessary.

Bend the spring to open the coils. Add as many shims as necessary to stretch the spring for installation. Adding shims to both sides of the spring will keep the spring straight. This will help when installing the spring. Wedge type shims can be tapped in further helping to stretch the spring. If wedges cannot be snapped off, make sure they are inserted in such a manner as to not interfere with the installation of the spring.

Install the springs onto the jack bracket and the foot. Wire ties can be used to tie the foot and spring in place until the cylinder is extended. Slowly extend the cylinder until the foot and springs are properly seated.

IMPORTANT: If the foot is not fastened to the cylinder, the foot and springs can slide off the cylinder if not properly seated before the cylinder is extended too far. This can cause a problem with the installation.

Continue extending the jack until all shims can be removed. DO NOT leave any shims installed. This will alter the performance of the springs. The jack may not retract properly.

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